Cesar CarneiroCesar Carneiro was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. Considered by many to be a legend in the world of Capoeira, Master Cesar was instrumental in popularizing the art in the United States.  Now, Master Cesar is one of the world’s most sought-after MMA striking coaches. Having trained and taught all over the world, Cesar’s unique blend of Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Boxing has been refined into a striking system that emphasizes superior balance and footwork, evasive movement, dominating clinch-work, and devastating strikes.

Master Cesar began studying Capoeira at the age of six.  By the time he reached the age of 17 he graduated with Master Marcos Alabama, and soon after developed himself to become an extraordinary Capoeirista and finally to a Master himself.  At 18, he joined “Oba-Oba,” Brazil’s largest show-business organization in the world.  Afterwards, Master Cesar went to Thailand to study the art of Muay Thai extensively, and it is there that he fell in love with the art. During his time there, he also filmed with Jean Claude Van Damme.

While touring in America, Master Cesar was cast in several Hollywood movies, including “Only the Strong”, “Shoot Fighter 2,″ and “The Quest.”  He has also starred in many television commercials and was featured in magazine publications throughout the United States. Today, Master Cesar is the Head MMA Coach at MMA Masters Academy, and has built champions in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

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